HOT mining is a fair launch system built on smart contracts. It was made to get as many people as possible immersed in web3.

HOT already has 1.7 million registered wallets and with the help of gamification, friendly UX, telegram virality and educational content we plan to smoothly integrate crypto into the lives of a huge number of users.

HOT is built on blockchain

hot blockchain game

HOT is built on the blockchain and every claim, every friend, everything related to villages and so on is a real transaction on the NEAR Protocol blockchain. NEAR Protocol stands out for its high scalability, low transaction cost and high speed. HOT game has the 1st highest number of interacting unique wallets among all apps on any blockchain according to DappRadar. At the time of writing, that's about 800k unique wallets per day.

Blockchain helps to build a truly fair and transparent distribution system.

Viewing data from the blockchain

near explorer how to use

To view the data you can use or You can track every transaction there, just put your address in the search.

You can track everything related to HOT. You can easily find out the number of minted and burned HOT via nearblocks or on the Flipside analytics platform.

Commissions in blockchain

near protocol gas

For each transaction a fee (gas) is paid in NEAR token (0.0005 NEAR or 0.0015$ per transaction). But our users can mine HOT for free, but with a commission of 30% of the earned HOT.

How does the project pay instead of users? It is possible thanks to the technology of meta-transactions and very low gas in NEAR Protocol . And to estimate the scale of the project, you can explore our contracts, such as, ,, free-name.herewallet.near and others.

A real crypto wallet

near telegram hot wallet

But the main advantage is that using the game, users use a real self-custodial crypto wallet, make exchanges through a decentralized exchange and only users manage the assets on it.

The main thing to remember is the basic rule: save your seed phrase and don't show it to anyone, not even us!