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HOT - decentralizedMPC network

MPC (Multi-Party computation) - a technology that splits a wallet's private key among multiple parties to increase privacy and reduce the risks of hacking, breaches, and losses.

A New Era of Secure, User-Centric Crypto Wallets

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MPC Wallet

Gives more security and opportunities

Transferable wallets

Share wallet ownership with its reputation and tokens


Add 2FA as an additional requirement when signing transactions

HOT Wallet - MPC wallet on HOT Protocol

HOT Wallet is an MPC wallet created on top of the HOT Protocol

Wallet ownerships are stored in the Smart Contract on NEAR Blockchain

Each validator checks proof of wallet ownership and sign transaction

User builds the signature on-device

1. Wallet ownership proofs are stored on the blockchain

2. Each validator checks proof of wallet ownership

3. User locally builds the signature

Wallet apps

Wallet apps

HOT accounts can be used with any compatible crypto wallet

  • HERE Wallet
  • HOT Cli
  • Metamask Snap (soon)
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Usual MPC vs HOT MPC

HOT is an open and decentralized protocol — no one can control your wallet access

Usual MPC

Usual MPC
  • Controlled by one company
  • Closed system
  • Account is not transferable


  • Decentralized
  • Open SDK and API
  • Transferable account
  • Independent economy around HOT

HOT token

Makes network sustainable
and provides rewards for validators

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HOT is used to sign transactions on validators.

The cost of signing depends on the key generation level and network load

  • 15% rewards to validators
  • 35% rewards to inviter and HOT DAO
  • 35% rewards to HOT DAO
  • 50% burns


store parts of the user's private key and participate in the transaction signing

Firedrop password: hot4me

For developers

Wallet as a service

Create users a wallet by email/sms that they'll be able to unbind and change the seed phrase.

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Daily transactions


HOT Mined

Created to be


Independent nodes

All nodes are independent and hosted by trusted validators. EverStake, NEAR Protocol, Aurora, HOT DAO and other.