A new blockchain is now available in HOT! BASE is the second layer (L2) for Ethereum, known for its fast transactions and cheap fees. We have prepared missions to teach you how to use BASE and transfer tokens between different blockchains. After completing all missions, you will receive 5 HOT.

How to start HOT mining

How to start HOT wallet

If you are not yet mining HOT, you can register a Telegram wallet at this link. After that you will be able to mine HOT, increase your mining speed by completing missions and participate in our events! Don't forget to pass the first mission and save your seed phrase. This is the key to your wallet, keep it safe and don't reveal it to anyone.

Mission 1 (0.2 HOT). Create MPC wallet

To use BASE, you need to create an MPC wallet. Later HOT wallet will support other blockchains as well. 0.1 HOT is locked when creating a wallet and is used to pay fees for signatures.

Mission 2. Deposit ETH on BASE

Transaction fees on the BASE network are paid in ETH and average 0.004$. (In the future it will be possible to pay commission in HOT on any network, this step is in our roadmap). The main way to top up BASE is to simply send some ETH from your exchange (or by simple transfer from another wallet).

Mission 3 (0.5 HOT). Make bridge

To top up BASE from NEAR Protocol, you can use our bridge. Bridges are applications that allow you to transfer tokens from one blockchain to another. Without bridges, blockchains cannot communicate with each other.

  1. Swap NEAR - ETH on the NEAR network
  2. Go to the bridge screen and send ETH to the BASE network.

Mission 4 (0.8 HOT). Transfer token on BASE

After depositing your wallet, you need to learn how to send tokens. Sending is as simple as possible. Click on the “Transfer” button, select the desired token, the address where you are making the transfer (another wallet or exchange) and confirm sending. Copy exactly the BASE address.

Mission 5 (1 HOT). Make 5$+ swap on BASE

  1. Click the “Swaps” button
  2. Select the desired pair
  3. Complete the swap

It is possible to trade on BASE very quickly and easily without leaving your Telegram. We use the largest and most reliable services such as Uniswap and 1inch for exchanges.

Mission 6 (2 HOT). Hold 3 any tokens on BASE.

To complete this mission, you need to hold 3 different tokens in your wallet on BASE network. You can get them, for example, through exchanges.